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Indooroopilly State High School 6FC Building Indooroopilly, QLD

A ‘community of forward thinkers’ bookends the campus. This enduring, and agile environment with a generous courtyard and co-located staff hub are planned to enable expansion to the south. A socially sustainable approach provides the missing ‘backyard’ for many children. This welcoming, multi-purpose space is communal, inclusive, equitable, playful, supportive, and colourful. Stairs support performances, dance, meetings, storytelling, cultural engagement, and exercise and a bridge connection with the wider campus. Hard and soft landscapes enable
lunchtime games, collaborations, events, and gatherings, intended and spontaneous.

The singularity of form, neutral, and an authentic palette is characteristic of the original heritage assets, offering timeless appeal. Collaborative prototyping developed a patented façade system with offsite manufacture realising environmental, safety, cost, and time benefits. The beauty of preserved gums, natural light, sculpted verandas, and a macro weatherboard façade complement learning spaces that are agile, connected, and efficient. Learning ‘neighbourhoods’ are capable of future change.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Masterplanning
Project Status

Completed 2019


Department of Education Queensland