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Hayball CRT+YRD Brunswick, Victoria

The Nightingale Village will ignite Melbourne’s urban landscape and showcase the lifestyle and financial advantages of this evolutionary housing model, feeding directly into Hayball’s passion for creating outstanding places and shaping sustainable communities.

Together with six other distinguished architectural practices, Hayball invested to secure the Nightingale Village site in Brunswick, and designed one of seven multi-residential buildings that are being built under the Nightingale Housing model (that advocates sustainable, high-quality, affordable housing).

The Hayball building is named CRT+YRD, a name that describes its most important feature and design element. CRT+YRD reflects the ethos and an identity that supports the building and its residents. Designed from the inside out, the architectural response was driven by the site and its context to provide a unique internal response that brings joy and delight to residents. Hayball has designed CRT+YRD from a human-centric, user-first ethos that celebrates community and provides settings that allow for interaction, prioritising occupants over objects.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
Project Status

Town Planning: May 2018


Hayball Nightingale Investments