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Cecil Hills Public School Cecil Hills, NSW

Cecil Hills Public School plays an integral role in the local community and is an important part of diverse learning options in the area. As part of a 2019 upgrade to accommodate projected increases in student numbers, Hayball designed a new 2-storey learning building was constructed to nurture innovative learning in 15 flexible learning studios. The school Hall was also enlarged and updated to provide more space for whole school and community gatherings and to form a meaningful link to existing and new buildings on site, acknowledging the existing ‘heart’ space of the school.

The school’s educational aspirations were established in a rigorous series of workshops and incorporated into the planning from the start of the design phase. The goals and priorities of all key stakeholders are manifest in the new learning building. A series of open, interconnected, flexible spaces support varied types and scales of learning activities. Daylighting and colour are used to create dynamic internal learning settings. The external materials palette creates a robust backdrop for a range of activities, with colour and integrated climbing ramps adding a sense of playfulness. The expressive roof form echoes the contours of nearby hills.

The new learning building and hall expansion at Cecil Hills Public School has set a new standard for further growth on the site, and future building phases will reinforce the successes of the recent works as well as continuing to work from the strengths of the existing school.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Masterplanning
Project Status

Completed 2019


Department of Education, School Infrastructure (DoE SINSW)