SYDNEY OPEN 2019: Welcome to an immersive playscape in Surry Hills

02 November 2019

Authored by Hayball

For the second consecutive year, Hayball participated in another successful Sydney Open. We opened our doors to host a hands-on workshop (kids ranging from the ages 6-13) that transformed our Surry Hills studio into an immersive Play City. We used donated, recycled materials, such as cardboard and sample offcuts to build a cardboard city, which included a treehouse, fish pond, penguin enclosure, garden library, and many secret tunnels!

It was great to see the older students working together to create the framework for the playscape, allowing the younger students to refine and test and ‘playability’ of the structure. This experience exposed students to how space can support and inspire us all to create more playful settings in the workplace or school.

A huge thank you to everyone that joined us this year, including Sydney Open volunteers, visitors, and our Sydney staff. Additional thanks to Zenith Interiors and the Gibbon Group for donating the materials.